WACKY FOODS- Northeast India! Magical Manipur!

Words- Imtiaz Ullah

Photos- Chandni Chhajer

Manipur is a state in northeastern India, with the city of Imphal as its capital. It is bounded by Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south, and Assam to the west; Burma lies to its east. Manipur food is considered to be very healthy because all their dishes are steamed and not fried. Even though they use very simple flavours in their food, it is no less delicious. Most of the ingredients they use are organic which contributes to the health factor. They use little oil but a lot of spices because, instead of masala powder, they make use of chilli pepper. All their vegetables are grown at home and their fish, bred in their own ponds, making the entire process of food preparations more organic. Have a look at some of the famous Manipur dishes which one should try.

● Chamthong or Kangshoi – A healthy vegetable stew

● Eromba – A delightful combination of boiled vegetables and fish

● Morok Metpa – A spicy and delicious chutney

● Singju – A Famous Manipuri Salad

● Paaknam

The remote you travel, less the oil and healthier the people. Ever seen a woman carrying a huge ass log of wood, well you may in these parts. All thanks to healthy lifestyle, food is a big factor in that. They make use of a lot of herbs in their preparations like mint, chives, pepper and basil.

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Visit Manipur India and eat like a local.

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