WACKY FOODS- Northeast India! Awesome Arunanchal Pradesh!

Words- Imtiaz Ullah

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Arunachal Pradesh, the land of rising sun, is situated in the Northeastern tip of India.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the states of the India where the dishes vary within the region according to tribal influence. Arunachal Pradesh is considered one of the richest botanical regions in India, where people depend much on shifting cultivation and forest based food products for their food and nutritional security. The state is rich in traditional foods and beverages and methods of processing various forest and agricultural products by the tribal communities with their rich experiences.

Traditional Arunachal Pradesh food includes

● Rice that is prepared in two different styles Dung Po and Kholam,

● Nou kai noo som (a chicken preparation with tender fermented bamboo shoots),

● Nou moo phan (pork blended with local herbs),

● Nou moo shen (fried pork prepared with bamboo shoots),

● Paa nung (fish blended with local herbs and wrapped in tong/ekkam and steamed),

● Pasa (a fish soup prepared from fresh raw fish),

● Pika Pila is a type of a pickle that is made by using bamboo shoot and pork fat with a little addition of King Chilly.

● Lukter is a combination of cooked dry meat and chilly flakes from the King chilly or Bhut Jolokia.

● Thukpa, is a noodle soup dish that is made with boiled rice noodles, chicken or vegetables. It is a traditional dish of ‘Monpa’, a tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

● Momos, Momo is a dumpling stuffed with various vegetables like cabbage, potato, carrot etc in case of Veg- Momo and Chicken, mutton, beef etc.

● Apong, beer is homemade, free of any chemicals and is also light on the buds if you’re a light drinker.

For vegetarians, there are a plethora of choices. Noo phan – boiled fresh tender bamboo shoots flavoured with ginger leaves – and the phak kho – seasonal green leafy vegetable – tasted just divine. The pi koi tome or banana flower gravy with colocasia was another delectable addition to the vegetarian spread.

Foods of Monpa tribe In these foods, local paneer, dry meat of yak, solu krepu (dried boiled green chilli), blue green algae [(rimom), called chhilap (Chhimeans water) in Tawang Monpa dialect], ghee and Chhurpi (paneer from yak milk) are more popular.

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Visit Arunachal Pradesh and eat like a local.

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