The Most Epic Galawati Kebabs of Lucknow: Tunday Kababi

Words: Shivanshu Shukla

In a world where we complain every day of price rise of various commodities, even eating out becomes a pricey affair!

Tunday Kababi, which started out over a century ago, 1897 to be precise, still serves its buffalo meat Galawati kebab-Paratha at just a measly 30 INR. I mean it’s crazy! You get freshly made sumptuous snack at a rock bottom price.

And their is a story, as to why it’s called a Galawati Kabab. When Nawab of Awadh/Oudh, Wajid Ali Shah, a meat lover, lost all his teeth, next, he ordered his royal chefs to make him a meat dish that he didn’t had to chew. The culinary genius invented a kabab so soft that would melt in mouth. And that’s how Galawati kababs were born. And the founder of this restaurant, Murad Ali, was a direct descendant of that chef.

And if you’re wondering why its called tunday? Its because the founder, Murad Ali was Tunday (A man with crippled hand)

Low price however doesn’t mean you’re getting a low quality meals, but instead they sell so much of it, that their economics works out.

They have numerous branches at various cities but we visited their 2nd branch ever. Located in Gol Darwaza, chowk area in Lucknow. Most people we inquired, we unaware of such a branch. We deep dives in narrow alleyways in old Lucknow to find this rare gem.

The creator of this symphony: Haji Murad Ali

Thier kebabs are made by freshly minced buffalo meat mixed with exotic spices, and it’s recipe is a closely guarded family secret.

Talking about the food, it was a work of art. Spices were not overly powerful instead it left an after taste that really stayed their and increased our craving. Freshly made paratha was made on an inverted wok or indian kadhai and boy it was as fine as a paper.

Their Dining hall was full of people enjoying this mouthwatering, delicious and hearty meal.

For 30 INR (USD 0.4) it was a steal deal, we got 1 paratha and 4 small kebabs.

We loved it, and it’s definitely recommend by Nomadlawyer!

Bon appetite!

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