Festival of light: Diwali Beyond Boundaries

Words- Imtiaz Ullah (NomadLawyer)

This blog provides a sneak peek into how Tourism Scout of India in collaboration with The Traveller Trails and NomadLawyer celebrated Diwali for the multicultural guests .

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a religious observance commemorated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists around the world.

Every autumn, the observance sees millions of people attend firework displays, prayer services and festive events in celebration of the occasion.

While Diwali holds significance for a variety of reasons, one of the core themes of the festival, as symbolized by the prevalence lights, is the triumph of good over evil.

Some explain that Diwali is the day when Ram returned to Ayodhya with his wife, brother and Hanuman after killing Ravan. For some communities, Diwali is celebrated as the day when Pandavas returned to their nation after 13 years of exile and hiding. Diwali is also seen as the day on which, Lord Lakshmi came out of the sea of milk. The night of Diwali is celebrated with colors to enjoy the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Lord Lakshmi.

For people of Eastern regions of India, this festival is celebrated as victory of Kali over demons. In northern central part of India, Diwali is the day when Lord Krishna lifting Mount Govardhan to safeguard his village people from the wrath of Lord Indra. Southern people enjoy it as the day when Lord Krishna won over Narakasura.

Cracker free Diwali is it a Dream in Delhi?

For a city which used to reverberate to the sound and smoke of crackers for a week before and after Diwali, last year’s Supreme Court crackdown on bursting of crackers, its order that only “green crackers” be sold and used, and a tight police vigil on cracker sales, has forced Delhi’s citizens to be satisfied with letting off only flower pots (anars) and sparklers (phuljaris) this year available in only two colours . Hope people learn to burst “Green Crackers” and play a pivotal role in curbing air pollution. This is the need of the hour.

How Tourism Scout India celebrated Diwali with a difference

We at The Tourism Scouts of India along with The Traveller Trails magazine and NomadLawyer decided to celebrate Diwali differently.

This Diwali we had some foreign clients, and we thought of providing them the taste of rural Diwali in Shimla.

We conveyed the message to our guests that Diwali celebration is all about spreading joy and light in the lives of others. It is not only about bursting crackers. Let’s celebrate by helping others. It is about spreading goodness and joy.

This message was very well received by our foreign guests and their active participation in the festival with us made our day and thus, we were able to create a “success story” starting from the traditional puja, lighting diyas and knowing about the historical and religious significance of Diwali.

We explained the message of Diwali as: 

● Forgive – Forgive the wrongs others have done to them. They are friendly and festivity everywhere. 

● Unity in love – The people get united, love and share love with each other. 

● Prosperity – The business people and merchants perform puja for success in their business.

As a foreigner what can you expect in Diwali 

● Every temple around the country holds unique rituals and celebrations. You can find traditional delicacies served in the temple for the devotees 

● Every house would be decorated with lights, colorful arts in front of the house 

● At night, people prefer bursting colorful crackers and rockets. The best way to enjoy Diwali night is by watching the sky that turns colorful 

● You can find cultural performances, competitions and others in many places

● You can find numerous unique and exotic sweets, which are specifically made only during Diwali 

● You can find fairs, exhibitions and mela in all major cities and towns during this celebration. You can find many handicrafts, souvenir items and traditional articles for sale during this exhibition

Best places to celebrate Diwali in India 

Diwali is celebrated across India and every place is worth visiting and it will provide you with an experience like “No Other”. But some places that are worth mentioning are given below: 

Varanasi – for its Dev Deepavali

Amritsar – for its Bandi Chhor Divas

Jaipur and Udaipur – for their magnificent lighting and folk performances

Kolkata – for its Kali Puja

Goa – for its Naraka Chaturdashi procession 

Come Diwali, if you wish to take a vacation with your loved ones to any of these destinations and etch memories of a dazzling celebration which is different from the rest, do write to us at Tourism Scouts India or NomadLawyer.

TOURISM SCOUTS INDIA, is a professional and proficient name in the travel trade, with a team set for making your holiday a memorable and cherished one. Established in the year 2003 “Tourism Scouts India” is recognized by Ministry of Tourism-Government of India, Directorate of Tourism-Government of Himachal Pradesh, and member of IATO and ATOAI.

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