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Proposed project

Kids festival on 1st January September 2020, is the festival which is going to bring all kids and children together in one place to have games, sports, music dancing, painting, talent, singing, fun, drinks, donation and lunch. Godson charity is going to prepare kids festival for Godson charity kids and other kids in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. This festival is aiming to bring more children closer, who are funded by Godson charity and other kids/children. This event is going to involve 250+ kids/children from Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, where by this will be met if there will be a good support from donors. Kids festival will prepare all good environment for kids to have happiness, joy and fun together. This will help parents also to have more fun in the specified area with their kids /children if they wish. GODSON CHARITY is welcoming private organizations, companies and interested person to donate for this event to happen in order to make the day bright.

The festival aims the following objectives from kids’ festival:

⦁ Providing kids with academic material support as it will be 1st January 2019, and many schools will be about to open.
⦁ To bring all kids together so that to increase friendship among kids and love.
⦁ To be part of enjoyment and celebration of these kids living in poor and bad condition of environment.
⦁ To participate with them in different sports and games like football,
⦁ To make them feel that they are not lonely
⦁ To have lunch with them and some drinks
⦁ To encourage them such like self confidence, talent
Advantages of this project
⦁ To provide education material-means to kids
⦁ To have moments with kids
⦁ To give encourage and hope to kids feeling that they are not lonely.
⦁ Participation of kids in different games and sports
⦁ Music dancing
⦁ Increasing friendship among kids


ITEM Per Kid: All figures in Tsh.

Drinks 1500
Food 2500
Transport 1000
Games (football, 1000
Music 1000/=
Donation 23000
Total 30000
For 250 kids 7500000


Godson charity is going to manage the event from the start up to the end. There will be a committee dealing with the preparations of this event, there will be committee dealing with budget of the event, kids care , sports/games& music, food& drinks and transport.

Budget committee:

The committee will make calculations up on the money which will be available basing on donations and from the organization it self ,this process will be done in order to check if the budget expected will be met .After getting the summation of all money and funds available the budget will be done basing on the events gong to take place and all associated matters. The head of committee will sit together with the budget committee to analyze each committee needs how much money and on what activity will be used for ,this is to avoid the bad use of money in the committee .

Transport committee:

This committee will deal with the management of transport, this is by ensuring the transport of kids from their home place to the area designed for kids festival, ensuring the transportation of all members associated with kids festival, ensuring the availability of cars for transporting kids, committee members.

Sports/games and music committee:

This committee will be dealing with managing all sports and games on that day by preparing time table, games and sports done on that day, ensuring the availability of materials associated with sports like balls.

Food and drinks committee:

This committee will be dealing with food and drinks, preparations of food and drinks, looking upon the managing kids to get food and drinks.

Kids care committee:

This committee will take care of kids/children from their home place up to the event, during the event and after the event and up on returning them to their home place.

From the event of 21st September 2019:

Summer for kids is the event which bring together all kid/children from different areas of Moshi ,Kilimanjaro to have a moments in different things like singing ,dancing, painting, sport and games lunch and fun, for this year of 21st September 2019 this event organized by Godson charity, This event was donated by different donors from inside and out of Tanzania . It was done at the campus of Godson charity ,this event aimed the following objectives:

⦁ To make kids/children enjoy and have fun
⦁ To support children and kids with education supporting materials like exercises, pen, pencil and rubber.
⦁ To courage them and bring back the hope of joyful in their life.
⦁ To have a lunch with these kids/children.
⦁ Dancing and playing together different games and sports.

The budget calculated for 125 kids:
ITEM (All figures in Tsh)
Food: 500,000
Drinks: 312,500
Games/sports and music: 500,000
Transport: 200,000

Total 1,512,500.00

Donors of summer for kids 2019:

Juliana Kitenge, Kenya
Kilimanjaro supermarket, Tanzania
Africa natural tours, Tanzania
Safari adventure, Tanzania

The images of summer for kids on 21st September 2019:

Dancing and fun

Food and drinks

Singing time

We will be happy to hear from you!

Head office:

GODSON CHARITY is located at Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Moshi, Kilimanjaro ,Tanzania Phone# +225 (0)743 501 865, WhatsApp: +225 (0)743 501 865
Email:, website:

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