Food Tripping with Nasi Lengko A La Resep Dapur Ayah

If you are a food connoisseur you must have heard about Nasi Lengko, but I bet you have not heard about “Nasi Lengko A La Resep Dapur Ayah”. It is the twisted form of Nasi Lengko prepared by my good friend and an excellent chef Jun Joe Winanto. In Joe’s words, “Actually short name: Nasi Lengko. But I modified it with sambal matah and I used words ” a la Resep Dapur Ayah” and A la = my way” and this special Indonesian salad, I call “Joe’s way” was born. 

Indonesia being a melting pot of various cultures, diversity of food is inevitable. If you ask me about the street food scene in Indonesia, my answer is ” just insane”. This place is a gastronomical delight. This story, I am not going to delve into street food of Indonesia rather I would focus on this local Indonesian salad. 

Know more about -Nasi Lengko A La Resep Dapur Ayah The dish is usually made from local and fresh vegetables (whatever are available or in seasons) and mixed with the sauce or seasoning. There are many different recipes for the sauce but the one I am going to share today is a recipe from Cirebon, a small town in West Java, Indonesia. 

The name of this dish is Nasi Lengko. Nasi means rice, and lengko probably came from the word langka. Langka means rare in English, but for this dish it means very few or simple. It was created back then when the economic and financial situation was terrible after the war, so people only ate rice with simple vegetable dish. That is why this dish is very simple and only contains a few types of vegetables and no meat at all. 

Although simple, but this dish is healthy and full of nutrients and can keep you full for a long time. The sauce is actually made from ground peanuts but topped with Indonesian sweet soy sauce, then we sprinkle some fried shallots and minced scallions, and serve with Indonesian rice crackers. 

I am gonna stop writing now and let the pictures do the talking

Travel without tasting local cuisine is no fun. If you are in Indonesia do remember Nasi Lengko and my friend and chef- Joe. 

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