All donation will be contributed to our NGO partners!

From right place to right hands!

We at NomadLawyer ensure that all donations are justifiably used and reach the people those who need it the most!

Assam Flood relief effort

When most of us came to know about the disaster we were sad. But for the Assamese, hell broke loose. We wasted no time, and with men and supplies ready, we sailed!

Things we consider donation:

  •  Pecuniary:  Its the easiest mode , we receive  donations from across the globe and provide it to people with day to day utilities, Medicines, education, flood reliefs and more. To learn more visit website to see the kinds of aids we have provided during flood reliefs in Nepal and Assam.
  • Books: Old and new, big and small, elementary to advanced computer programming, we take it, books are later used in libraries we setup with Sarvahitey in rural and tribal ares, there are already over 70 libraries we have setup across India. With your help we are hoping to open 930 more libraries.
  •  Volunteer Travel:  I always pondered over it, the urge to help the society is huge. Everyone wishes to help a poor kid residing in the poorest country e.g. Uganda by donating food, clothes etc. But the question is, are we really helping them? I feel by doing this we are creating dependency. The upcoming generation will be dependent on the donations provided by the people from wealthy nations, this will hurt the economy more in these poor countries. The process of contribution should start from the grass root level and should be continuous. Let’s face it, the answer is if you wish to contribute  don’t just donate food, clothes etc because you are wasting it. Once food is over, these kids will again look for donations and food from the wealthy nations and we are creating a vicious cycle. Contribute meaningfully while you travel, by buying local commodities, using local guides, enrolling in volunteer programs, by teaching the poor kids, by donating books. Let us resolve to empower and educate the local communities. I feel if you have done this you can say “I have contributed to the society”. The kids in the pictures don’t need your monetary help but need your continuous support and love.
  • Ad-Hoc Projects: Flood donations, Earthquakes and any form of Natural Calamities or Force Majeure