Global Voices of a Child: Caring for the world starts by learning about it !

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Volunteer travel is the perfect way to explore the world in a meaningful way. Travelling always does not mean exploring new places or meeting new people there is a greater connotation to it. It can be more gratifying when one travels for a cause. Mother Nature has given us these beautiful places to explore but it is our social responsibility to travel to these mesmerizing places and give something in return in our own possible ways. This is what I call “Volunteer Travelling” and if we travelers across horizons are aligned on this, we can make this world- a beautiful place to live. 

NomadLawyer has collaborated with Global Voices of a Child in their promotion across the globe. 

Know about Global Voices of a Child 

The Global Voices of a Child is a global platform/campaign that focuses on supporting vulnerable women and children, empowering local communities, and reaching a wider audience and to achieve sustainable goals. With this platform, we are trying to get as many local (African) organizations under one umbrella, in order to maximize our efforts and impact. 

So far we have partnered with NGOs in Zimbabwe, Togo, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. We have supported various projects, project proposals and budget costs for these organizations. We have also sent donation packages from a Japanese NGO to Angola, Central African Republic, Algeria, Egypt, and Benin. 

Most recently, a well was built in Togo to provide 350 people (3 communities) with clean drinking water. We are looking forward to getting further support for more impactful projects and extending to more countries

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Children need someone who teaches them to be brave, to believe in themselves, and to believe that you can change the world. We want to use our global voices to give these children a voice and a platform where they will be heard. 

Sustainable Vision Tanzania Sustainable Vision Tanzania is under the umbrella of the online platform of Global Voices of a Child, which seeks to support, help and empower local community based organizations around the African continent. Voices of a child has played a role in connecting volunteers, donors, connections and funds between different organizations 

Project- Empowerment of Young Masai Young Masai Project based in Moshi, Tanzania focuses on empowering Masai women. The Young Masai project is under the organization of Sustainable Vision Tanzania and we managed to raise money to train 170 Masai women. The women were trained on how to make accessories, jeweleries with a touch of the Masai colourful designs. It was a micro- business project that we had created to empower these women to generate their own income for their families 

However, the struggle that they are currently facing is selling their items and reaching a wider audience. The market in their area is very competitive and hardly anyone is buying their handmade work so we are reaching out to see if people abroad would love to buy and help them to feel empowered. 


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Or or through FB account or instagram account “@globalvoicesofachild or ray.wanders” 

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