Africa’s Godson Charity Restaurant- A Tanzanian voluntary organisation beyond cliché !

Words- Imtiaz Ullah 

NomadLawyer has collaborated with voluntary organisations across the globe to promote and bring these organisations before the world. We envision this site to be a one stop travel portal and believe that together we can improve cultural, ecological, and economic conditions around the world by changing the way people travel and create awareness pertaining to the travel. 

In our endeavour to promote voluntary organizations across the globe, in one of our recent blogs we promoted “Godson Charity” based out of Tanzania. For our readers, who have missed reading this inspiring story, below is the link: ania/ 

Now, Godson Charity has travelled an extra mile and added a new feather in the cap. They are in the process of starting “Godson Charity Restaurant” 

You may be wondering what is the connection between a voluntary organisation and a restaurant? 

Well the connection is very deep rooted and noble in nature

This is how the story of Godson Charity Restaurant unfolds- 

Godson Charity Restaurant will be a 20 seat fine- dining restaurant which will be located in the rapidly expanding business environment at Moshi town. The area is in need of a warm and 

friendly place with excellent local food. A place where you always know, you will get the best of everything. Godson Charity Restaurant will feature a basic dining room, comfortable furnishings and decor with soothing warm tones. 

The restaurant will be opened six (6) days a week. It will offer special theme nights to attract new customers to Godson Charity Restaurant. The restaurant will house dining , warm colors, fresh flowers, soft music, and amazing artwork developed by some of the area’s most notable and upcoming artists. 

The service will be relaxed, casual and very friendly. It will hire the best people available. 

Extensive training will be provided to the staff. The staff will be sourced locally and this will give an impetus to employment in the area. 


GODSON CHARITY RESTAURANT will be a great place to eat, combining an appealing atmosphere with excellent local food. The mission is not only to have great food, but to create an ambience which will suit different section of people and customer satisfaction will be paramount. 

Employee welfare will be equally important. Everyone will be treated fairly and with utmost respect. It will enable the staff to feel a part of the success of Godson Charity Restaurant, since the aim of having this restaurant is to generate income for kids and their families. 

How will the restaurant impact local people 

It will create an atmosphere wherein the success of this restaurant will be intertwined with the goal of helping kids and their families. It will provide them with an opportunity to generate income and be self sufficient. Godson Charity restaurant wants to be a fair rewarding place to work for the kids and their parents. 


The vision of Godson Charity Restaurant is to become a place where the kids in addition to completing their studies will also get a platform to earn and realise their dreams. 


Moshi is a city that attracts many tourists during the months of June to February in a year. Godson Charity Restaurant will provide an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy local food and also provide them with the opportunity to interact with the kids and also volunteer in the programs run by Godson Charity. 

Where can tourist/traveller volunteer 

Caring for Children Care Centers 

Tanzania, like many other African countries has many children that are affected by extreme poverty. This program offers volunteers the chance to care for some of these children. Volunteers will have the opportunity to teach, cook, wash and undertake other general activities performed at the Children’s Centers. More than anything, they will have the chance to give love and attention to these kids who so desperately need it. 

Teaching Primary and Nursery School 

We give the opportunity to teach in Nursery Schools and Primary School in collaboration with various school administration systems. Volunteers will provide the children with an opportunity to expand their horizons and learn from their experiences and develop greater skills for the betterment of their own futures. 

Working and assisting in Health management 

We provide an opportunity for medical professionals to share their knowledge and participate in Health Managements activities. Furthermore, medical students on their internship are encouraged to practice in hospitals and Primary Health Care Units to increase the ever-rising need for capacity in these hospitals. 

Business Description:


Location: Moshi Town 

Mobile number: 0743501865 


Address: P.O.BOX 8011 Moshi. 

MAIN OFFICE: Moshi town 

Godson Charity restaurant intends to provide good local food and drinks to customers (people) of all ages. Not only to provide services but also to ensure customer satisfaction, this will lead to more revenue and profit. This inturn will directly impact the kids and people of the locality to have a good and meaningful life. 

NomadLawyer is supporting this noble cause and you can too: 

Let’s join our hands to help and support this noble cause. You can donate on the link below or write to NomadLawyer directly. 


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