Imtiaz Ullah Aka The Nomad Lawyer

Nomad Lawyer is a travel site dedicated to transformative travel, responsible tourism, eco-tourism and caused based travel, where the readers will be enriched by intriguing travel experiences, a sneak peek into the travel laws of a country and an overview of various projects relating to social responsibility and volunteer tourism.

This site is managed by Imtiaz Ullah.

Imtiaz Ullah works as a Corporate Attorney, Travel Writer with The Traveller Trails, Travel Magazine and also acts as Advisory Member of NGO- Sarvahitey

His travel philosophy- exploring new places, meeting new people, knowing the culture, eating like a local and creating ties for life time. He believes in the idea- “Don’t just be a traveller, but a responsible one”.

He is involved in various projects that aims at upliftment of the society and also promotes responsible and volunteer tourism.

Travel Ideology- “ Mother nature has gifted us with beautiful places to explore and it’s our duty to pay back”.

Vision- Walk through the beautiful landscapes of the world responsibly through Nomad LawyerA journey to unexplored begins here.

Travel Laws- Have you ever thought of the necessary Travel Laws that needs to be followed while travelling to a place? Travel Laws are an eye opener and can never be ignored. The laws of a place act as a guide.

Being a law professional, I will use this site to throw light on the important travel laws. I would request the readers NOT to IGNORE the laws.

I envision this site to be a one stop travel portal and believe that together we can improve cultural, ecological, and economic conditions around the world by changing the way people travel and create awareness pertaining to the travel laws.

Why the name- Nomad lawyer ?

The name is the Reflection of who I am in my Passion and Profession.

1. Nomad- I regularly venture out travelling places, eating with the local, knowing their culture and ultimately creating lifetime ties with the people.

2. Lawyer- I am a corporate lawyer with a full time job, and I envision to make people aware of the different travel laws which are very important during our travels through this site.

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